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What you need to know to liquidate an Estate

Everyone has seen a lot of reality TV shows. Guess What?  That is exactly what they are TV shows for entertainment!

Now for reality. People sometimes are faced with difficult situations whether it be a death in the family or they need to liquidate a collection. The question I hear is. "How do I accomplish this task" There are several ways to proceed, but you must think logically through the process.

For instance. a family member has passed away. What do I do with all their stuff. You decide to find someone to perform an estate sale for you. How do you choose the right company or person to provide the service? There is one simple question you can ask that will weed out the good from the bad. Here is my advise to anyone when I am asked that question.

'May I run a background and credit check on you?" I guarantee you if you perform that one task you are three-quarters of the way there of finding the right person for the job. I have been around this business since childhood and I have learned that is the key. If someone is not willing to let you perform that check then you dont need them -- plain and simple.

Now you could choose another option. Sell the entire estate to us without the hassle or rolling the dice on what an estate service may or may not sell.

My advice to you weigh both options and decide which is best suited for your needs. The key is to get a quote from both sides and then make your decision. This way you have one guranteed figure to work with. Now if you choose to go the estate sale route you should ask the estate sale provider to guarantee our figure to you, and if they are not willing to, then you can continue interviewing others. Remember the guarantee should be the total you will receive after their fees.

So if you follow these two simple tasks chances are your headaches and hassles will be kept to a minimum.